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I have always had a passion for Interior Design. My career began selling real estate; after graduating with a BS in Business from Universtiy of North Carolina at Wilmington. I really enjoyed "the thrill of the hunt" for the perfect house for families but realized I wanted to be a part of transforming that house into a home! I then furthered my studies to receive a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Meredith College.

Many wise people gave me the advice, "Pick a job you love and are passionate about and you will be happy." I have definitely found this to be true! Being a part of designing spaces where family memories begin is truly a rewarding experience. A home should be a reflection of the personality of the person who resides there. I listen intently when consulting with my clients with an end result of a creative space; exceeding their expectations and most importantly reflecting their style and personality. Creating a beautiful and fuctional space is a thorough and thoughtful process. Do you want a home that reflects your own unique style or an office that reflects your business needs? I can help you achieve your goal of designing a space you love and will always be proud of!




As a member of The Servants Serve Network we are committed to changing the way that real estate is done in order to change lives, and to thereby change the world. We serve as a Light to those encountering life’s challenges in both our local community and the world beyond, by earning the right to forever function as your family’s trusted real estate advisors for life.

Carlene Nace is a founder and the President of Anchored Realty Services (ARS) headquartered in Wake Forest, North Carolina. ARS is a member of The Servants Serve Network which was founded by her husband, Kirk.

Anchored exists as a “for profit” business in order to generate income from a variety of real estate and related services including: Real estate brokerage; agent training and career development; real estate investment advisement; and other consulting related services. Profits are invested back into the community through Lighthouses, which Nace describes as “bright lights in dark places.” These Lighthouses, serve as both a source of shelter and spiritual nourishment feeding the often invisible and unheard hurting found in every community.




Our company is a composite of talented, experienced people; the finest equipment money can buy; and a driving ambition to be the best in our chosen profession. We look at construction as more than earning a living. As we see it, construction is living in the midst of good competition, hard work, and exciting challenges. It’s a good life for us.



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At Moss Foods we make it our priority to have the highest quality meats and freshest produce available. Whether you are grilling Ribeye Steaks, baking Chicken, or just cooking Hamburgers you can be sure to get fresh cuts of your favorite meat everyday. When it comes to seasoning the meat you love, we also have a good selection of sauces, spices and rubs.

Established in January of 1982, by Alvin and Sandra Moss and the late George S Moss Sr., Moss Foods has built a reputation of having quality meat, fresh produce, and good customer service. We also sell fresh ground beef, cube steak, and much more to several local restaurants.