Covid Protocol

Due to new NC requirements, as well as information received from several tournament sites, we will be implementing the following changes to our operating procedure:

  1. We are limited to no more than 25 individuals in the gym at any one time, excluding players, coaches, and support staff.
  2. All individuals entering the gym will wear a mask while in the gym. This includes players while conditioning and playing. Several tournaments have notified us that unless their state changes its current mandates, they still plan to hold their tournaments but will require participants to be masked while playing.
  3. Masks may be removed or pulled down when someone is eating, drinking, or having difficulty catching their breath. When recovered or finished, masks will be pulled up.
  4. Parents will be allowed to attend practice but must be masked. Parents must also remain more than 6 feet away from any player except their own. Parents can enter the gym through the main door we use after all the players for that team have entered. Parents must depart the gym by the side door once the first player of the next team arrives.
  5. Teams will enter the gym through the main door we use and will place their bags on the opposite wall from the bleachers. Enforce 6 feet of spacing between bags as the players need to get used to it - I suspect tournaments will require the spacing. Once practice is complete, players need to grab their bags/gear and exit the gym promptly (they can change shoes but limit the rest of changing). Exit out of the side door.
  6. Any teams that arrive for the second or later practice of the day will enter through the main door and will proceed down the full length of the hallway and enter the gym at the far door (door near the equipment room). They will then go place bags on the opposite wall and get ready for practice. These teams can begin their warmups and stretching at the far end of the court. Minimize contact with the team still practicing.
  7. Competition practices will still be held on Saturday or Sunday as published. Teams will enter through the normal door and proceed down the full length of the hallway, enter the gym at the far door and go occupy the spaces on the opposite gym wall as they have been doing. Parents will still be allowed to watch the practice, but they must maintain 6 feet separation (except for familial groups). Players will not be allowed to sit on the bleachers or on that side of the gym during the practice. They must sit in their team areas unless they have an assigned job such as line judge or score keeper.
  8. Each coach is responsible for keeping a list/roster of every individual that attends their practice. This includes any parents that come to observe. Each coach is responsible for implementing the above. For the competition practice, I will ask one Board member or a member of the volunteer committee to gather a list/roster of every parent that enters/attends. We will have to cap the parental/guest attendance to 25.
  9. Each coach and team is responsible for wiping/disinfecting the balls at the end of their practice. When you shag balls at the end of your practice, have the players wipe them down prior to the next team starting theirs. For subsequent teams, if your players grab a couple of balls to warm up with prior to the first team being done, make sure that they are wiped down before use.
  10. We will not take temperatures of those entering nor ask COVID related questions. I have found that those protocols do not matter when contact tracing and self-quarantine is implemented by county health departments. What does matter is a list of those that were in attendance.
  11. Lasty, we are implementing these protocols to help protect our club members and ensure that we continue to practice and prepare for the season. There will be times that issues will arise that are beyond what is covered above. Use your common sense when dealing with them.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at or 919-612-4071.



Tom Harris


FC Firecrackers Volleyball Club