COVID-19 Tryout Protocol

As we are expecting a large number of participants for our tryouts, we will be implementing the following COVID related protocols.

We are asking that all players pre-register online and complete all required waivers and payments. We may have to cap the attendance at each tryout period. Online registration will ensure the player has a spot and will minimize the number of parents/guardians that need to enter the facility. Walk-ins will be accepted only as space allows.

We are asking parents to remain in their cars and drop their child off. We will have a club representative outside the building to handle any questions. Parents will be asked to remain outside the building for the duration of the sessions. Players will enter the facility through the door facing the gravel parking lot and will exit from the side door located in the gym itself. Players are asked to maintain 6 feet of separation while waiting to be screened and entering the facility.

Players should anticipate a screening that includes:

A temperature check with an infrared thermometer.  If you have a temperature of 100.0 or higher, you will not be allowed to participate and asked to go home.

We will ask questions related to symptoms that need to be answered honestly.  If your daughter has experienced a fever within the last 5 days please stay at home as well and contact us at to make us aware of the fever and the absence. We will work with you on the missed tryout.

We will ask if the players have come in contact with anyone with the coronavirus. If yes, when. We will have a board of symptoms and ask if the player has experienced any of them in the last 3 days. If yes, we will ask more questions to determine whether to allow the player to stay or go home.

We will ask what other clubs the players have traveled to within the last 14 days as well as what clubs she plans to travel to over these open gym and tryout weekends. *This is all about contact tracing and ensuring we have no outbreaks within the volleyball community.  It will NOT, in any way, be used in determining player and team placements.

We will provide hand sanitizer for everyone to clean their hands upon entering the facility and as they exit once training is completed.

Follow-on sessions will be asked to wait outside for check-in until we have cleared the gym of the previous session. We will wipe down the balls and any high contact equipment with disinfectant before and between sessions.

We will do our best to practice social distancing when giving directions and huddling. We will use as much of the court space as possible to increase distance among players. Players will be asked/told NOT to high-five or shake hands or other celebratory actions that entail person to person contact.

Players should bring their own water and water bottles. In addition, we are asking the girls to come with minimum items necessary, preferably only water bottle and any necessary medical equipment (inhaler, etc.). This will help us to limit the risk of contamination that can come from bags and gear.

We will ask players to remain in their volleyball attire as they exit; to keep their assigned tryout numbers and bring to next session (turn in number after last session); and to use the hand sanitizer located at the exit.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.